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I am always grateful when someone compliments my work behind the lens. I got lucky this year as the KGH Art Committee accepted my submission for some of my photographs to be displayed in the Kingston General Hospital.  Even better yet, I actually was lucky enough to have another artist postpone their placement this summer and the art committed asked if I could have images ready for July.  Seems that everything is falling into place for my full time career as a photographer.  Here’s one image that will go up for sure! As a Kingston photographer, I am absolutely thrilled to showcase my work.

Great grey owl hunting in winter


The art at KGH is meant to bring a little bit of sunshine to the patients in the hospital. People need to see uplifting images and scenes or portraits that make them feel good and hopefully bring a little bit of joy and wonder to their treks along the hospital corridors. This is where life gets interesting.  I have over 50,000 images on file and the display is limited to 13 or 15 photos. There are photos that are special to me because of moments or memories that tug at my heart. To choose 15 images that will appeal to the public is definitely a hard choice. Most of my work is pet photography while my passion is wildlife photography. There really isn’t any abstract photos to speak of. Thankfully, there is a meeting today with two members of the KGH Art Committee to help me decide which images to display.  I am so thankful that they can help me out.  I initially picked 300 images and whittled them down to 60.  Today when we meet, they will have a look at the 60 images and help me cut that down to 10-15.  Definitely hard choices for any artist!

I am thrilled to be able to not only display some photos at the hospital, but also, I will be donating two images to KGH, (that is if they accept the gifts).  I find it kind of funny that my galleries of art are at Providence Care Hospital and Kingston General Hospital. Displaying photos that evoke emotion for people in hospitals is something that I am proud to do and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day. Thank you to KGH Art Committee and Providence Care Hospital.  Here are a few of the images that I am thinking could be displayed.

Some sample images by professional Kingston Photographer, Lindy Martin



There are a number of images on the website that you can look at.  Just click this link to see the latest adventures!



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