Christmas Eve Chez Moi

Today was a great day at my place because I really had time to reflect on what is important at Christmas (and really the rest of the year too). It all comes down to doing things for others, living in the moment, appreciating what blessings you have, and of course, talking to the deaf dog!  Today for others, I finally had a chance to photograph a Scottish Longhorn for a friend of mine. While it is not the exact image I was looking for, I did manage to stop the car, grab a few shots, and print them up for her for Christmas. That’s what friends do.



Appreciating the blessings I have is easy. Friends count and when they really know you, well, life is simple and often funny. Anyone who knows me understands that the back door is usually open because the doorbell has been broken for about 10 years. So, look at this from a good friend.  Yes, they do know me well.



Living in the moment – wow, getting to learn this one well. Getting home late last night, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and still it was last night. So much to be thankful for. So, grabbed the camera and spent about an hour walking around and looking for the best angles.  Did the same thing today and this is what I decided to photograph.




Now, the dog and I had a long discussion about too many treats.  His attitude is that the kitchen is his and the only reason I exist is to open jars of cookies.  Needless to say, we often disagree.  One good thing about him being deaf is that I can play my music loudly and he doesn’t care. Oh, how music triggers so many emotions……



So my friends, I hope you all have a great and peaceful Christmas season.

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