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for Drivers Against Distraction


Focused on driving around a curve at the start of the trek

Photographing bikes is one thing I love to do!  Love hearing that throaty throttle and when there are 50 bikes coming at you, well, your heart just races a little bit faster. Recently I had the greatest time photographing motorcycles in support of Drivers Against Distractions. I was fortunate to have a weekend free to donate my services for this great cause. The group triies hard to raise awareness of the need for drivers to be more aware of motorcycles on the road, especially promoting the need to refrain from texting or phoning while behind the wheel. As someone who is on the road a lot, appreciate their efforts. this event itself raised  $3,835. 00.  Great effort and I am glad to have been a part of it.

A number of bikers travelled long distances to join the ride, one from Brantford, a few from Renfrew, and a number from Kingston and Ottawa.  There were 48 bikers registered for the ride and over 52 riders. This was a great turn out and the weather was spectacular.


Photo tips for bikers and groups on sunny days include using exposure compensation to get rid of the shadows and a polarizer for the glass reflections.  Staging, or placing yourself for the best is also important.Get the route map a few days before the trek and look specifically for the curves and backgrounds.  It is a royal pain to have to take out construction signs and lights etc post processing.

For capturing the speedy movement of a troop of bikers, the best options are hills and curves.  Use a long lens in a vertical position, portrait, with at least an aperture of F8 to get the whole group in focus. It would be great if the road was wet for contrast but….. Not a good thing for bikers!

At the end of the ride we planned a group photo in support of DAD with bikers holding pledge signs.  We did not expect so many riders and it was difficult to get them all in one frame. Photographers have to often think on their feet and the solution to not having a wide angle lens is to shoot a panorama to fit them all in.  Panorama photography is great, especially if you photograph in portrait mode!

Motorcycle group photos can be shot with a wide angle lens or stitched together in Photoshop or Lightroom

Portraits are always going to be an option for the bikers. The unfortunate part is that the best background is always going to be where the photographer has to face right into the sun. Once again, use exposure compensation to increase the light on the subject. Also change from matrix metering to spot metering for better exposure accuracy.

Linda, a great Indian bike enthusiast and supporter of DAD.  She was the leader of the ride this time  against the St. Lawrence River.

Shooting into the sun? Yes, use exposure compensation unless you want to have a photograph that is supposed to be a silhouette.  If you don’t have a tripod, then shoot at a high speed in continuous shooting mode for at least 4 frames. This is one photograph that turned out just perfect.


All these bikers promote the DAD Motorcycle Awareness pledge


Get outside –  Drive Safe – Stop Texting – Photograph Often – Have Fun



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