Nickel Cup Regatta Coming soon!!


Just coming back from the volunteer meeting for the Nickel Cup Regatta to be held in Gananoque next weekend. This is the top-of-the-line competition which is super competitive and the top-tier racers are very close in the standings.  This means it’s going to be an amazing competition on the weekend. Some of these hydroplanes will reach out to 180 mph. There’s four classes that are running and from all accounts, it looks like it’s going to be absolutely fabulous. There is going to be a pit area where the boats are loaded and unloaded with the help of some cranes.  Will definitely be taking pictures of that adventure. The pit area is essentially the marina in town. Visitors can see all these boats up close by purchasing a five dollar entry fee ticket. Spectators are welcome everywhere else and there is no charge for admission.

The organizing committee has done a fantastic job. Parking, road restrictions, setting up of the bouys in the river, setting up water patrols for the safety of both boaters and participants, as well as OPP, fire and rescue first responders. The course is well laid out and the crowds will be able to see everything along the waterfront.  Marina traffic and pleasure boaters may have a little bit of a wait but there is a flag system in place to allow them to come and go from the river and the marina. The Gananoque Boat Lines will still be running.  This group has taken into consideration not only the event details but also the every day details for life in this town. They are certainly conscious of how the local boaters need to get on and off the river, how the boat lines need to launch on time, and how the residents will be able to avoid huge traffic delays and congestion. All in all I think this group is done and amazing job of pleasing everybody.

My volunteer job as the photographer is going to be super exciting. I will be taking photos of some of the hydroplanes up close, parts of the pit area, and definitely the race along the water. I also hope to get some images and candid shots of racers up close, candids of the volunteers, vendors, my fellow photographer, John taking photos, and the number of the volunteers on the water from fire and rescue and the OPP.   Going to be heading out early this week to try to capture some images along the water to test the camera settings. I understand that most of the boats at this test run will not be going up to 180 MPH but it’s a good test run for the camera.

I would highly recommend that anybody who is free come down and watch this race. It is a world-class event and it’s going to be absolutely spectacular.  The Nickel Cup Race has a long history and is definitely worth seeing!

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